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Welcome to the wonderful world of internet dating! If you’ve never tried it before, then the first thing you need to start would be a profile. Much like Facebook or Instagram, your profile is the page that best describes you to potential daters.  Online dating, of course is taking a chance on what might not be the actual truth. You never know who, or what is on the other side of the computer or smartphone. Sure, in their pictures they look beautiful, and on their profile, they might have everything you have ever wanted, but you really don’t know. Are the pictures that they posted, really them? There have been so many stories of people being “catfished” from internet dating. (Catfish means that someone on the internet pretends to be someone or something their not to you else and tricks you in order to get you to like them.) Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. Hell, it happens so much that they even made a tv show about it. This story is one of the more famous Catfish stories of all time. This shit actually lasted for 4 years!

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Manti Te’o wasn’t just an average football player in college. He was a superstar. In his senior year at Notre Dame, Manti had 113 tackles and 13 sacks as an inside linebacker. He had everything going for him, until big news came out about his “girlfriend”. Back when Manti Te’o was a freshman in college, ESPN reported that Manti was dating Polynesian Beauty Queen named Lennay Kekua. In 2009, Manti approached Kekua on Facebook and instantly, they began an online relationship. The facebook messages soon became actual text messages, and text messages turned in to phone calls. Manti Te’o was sprung off his new “girlfriend”. Only problem was, He had never actually seen this new “girlfriend”.

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A year had gone by and still no sight of this beauty queen “girlfriend”. Manti began to doubt if his relationship with Kekua was even real. He reached out to a family friend regarding his “girlfriend” saying, “She keeps talking like she knows everyone and I’m like thinking it’s a prank.” Most people at this point would have stopped contacting Kekua, or at least demanded to see her. But Manti, he wasn’t going to give up on her.

In the next year of this incredibly weird relationship, Kekua reached out to Te’o before one of his games. She told him that she had been going through hard times and that she needed Manti’s support. During the call, Te’o would hear a man’s voice in the background, so he asked Kekua who that was. His “girlfriend” assured him that it was only her “cousin”, so that he would not be worried. Manti continued to get played for a fool.

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In the last year of this bullshit, things got crazy. On September 11, 2012, Manti’s Grandmother passed away. Kekua wanted to be there for him. (Even though she still hadn’t seen him yet.) 2 hours later, after she had spoken to Teo, her “brother” called Manti and told him that she had disappeared. The assumption later, after not hearing from her in days, was that she was dead. Months go by, and on December 6, 2012, Teo received a call from his thought to be dead “girlfriend”. Finally, Manti Te’o realized that his “girlfriend” of the last 4 years was actually fake. All it took was for her to die and then come back from the dead! He instantly informed his family and coaching staff what had happened. All the reporters he had told this story of his “girlfriend” being dead was a lie. Shit, telling them he actually had a “girlfriend”, was a lie. On January 16, 2012, Lennay Kekua revealed to Manti Te’o that her real name was Leah, and that her and HIS cousin had played a prank on him the whole time.

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Manti Teo is doing better now. He has had a pretty good NFL career and he just signed a new deal with the New Orleans Saints. People have forgotten about him getting played for a fool in college and are starting to see what a great football player he really is. I guarantee Manti Te’o doesn’t need the internet to find a “girlfriend” anymore, but he will always be remembered for his insane catfish story.

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