Protest Continues: Marshawn and Michael Bennett sit!

On Saturday, the silent protest continued. Even though Colin Kaepernick is still not in the NFL, players continue to support the cause. Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders, and Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks, made headlines over the weekend. Both of them sat during the national anthem at their preseason games. Their actions couldn’t come at a better time. Early that day, in Charlottesville, Virginia, chaos broke out at an “Unite the Right” rally. White supremacists converged to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. An extreme altercation between supremacists and counter protesters spread rapidly between the crowds of people . A car drove through the crowd in a horrific act of violence. Many people were injured and some even killed.It was one of the most disgusting things I ever seen, and yet, people still don’t understand the reason for protest.

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Tim Brown, Hall of fame wide receiver, spoke out on Marshawn Lynch sitting for the national anthem. Tim Brown played for the Raiders and had his own opinion on the matter of protest. In an interview with TMZ sports, Brown said. “Why man? Why bring this to yourself? He has the perfect thing going on in Oakland. Why bring negativity to this incredible positive situation?…I just don’t get it.” He continued to say, “I understand these guys man, they’re trying to make statements and they’re trying to be a part of this world but football is where people go to get away from that stuff.”

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Jermichael Finley, former Green Bay Packer, also spoke to TMZ about Marshawn and Michael Bennett sitting down. He said, “It’s more of marketing, it’s not really in their heart that they really want to do that. But once again, I think it’s a selfish reason, I really do.” He’s basically saying that their protest is only geared for popularity and not for purpose.

Despite if you feel that Colin Kaepernick began his “silent protest” to get his name in the news or not, it’s time for people to take notice. The world has serious issues, and things need to be changed. If it took one man to sit down for people to react to whats going on in the world, then I don’t see anything wrong with that. What happened in Charlottesville, Saturday, was a disgusting act of violence. What happened on the football field, Saturday, was not! Sitting down never hurt anyone.

Think about it.

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