Drunk and Naked. Ryen Russillo, of ESPN, Arrested!

On August 23rd, at 3:30 am, ESPN host, Ryen Russillo was found drunk in Jackson, Wyoming. The craziest part about this story, is the way he was found. According to TMZ.com, police were called out to someone’s home, who had reported that a stranger was in their house sleeping, in one of their beds. When the police showed up, they saw Russillo passed out, butt naked and drunk out of his mind. His eyes were blood shot and glossy, his speech was slurred and he had no clue where he was. I can only imagine what the owner of the house was thinking, or how outraged he was seeing that. A situation like that could have gotten Ryen Russillo killed. Apparently, Russillo didn’t force his was into the house, Russillo, but found the one unlocked door, and let himself in. He most likely stumbled his way to one of the bedrooms and comfortably passed the hell out. Naked. Russillo was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, which is considered a misdemeanor in Wyoming. He was released last Thursday, and his fine is a maximum of $750.

Photo Credit: www.si.com

ESPN has a major decision to make. Russillo is not only a great host for the network, but also has had his own show with them since 2009. A lot of people listen to his show, including myself. Today, he returned on air, but no words on any further discipline have been said. Back in late April, ESPN laid off over 100 employees due to the amount of large salaries they handed out in previous years. Ryen Russillo, was of course, not laid off. In my personal opinion, they value Russillo, and what he means to the network. If they didn’t, he would have been fired before and definitely for this incident. As embarrassing as this situation was for Russillo, and the company, he only missed about a weeks’ worth of time. It seems to me ESPN plans to do their best, and let this situation just blow over. I guess they figure the situation wasn’t that bad. Tell that to the owner of the condo. I know the last thing I would ever want to see, is a 42-year-old, strange man, passed out naked and drunk in my house! He probably scared him for life. I guarantee you he won’t be listening to “The Ryen Russillo Show” today!

Photo Credit: bustedcoverage.com

Information source: TMZ.com, sportsillustrated.com

Phote Credit: variety.com, campussports.net

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