Coach Freeze calls Escort service!

Let’s just get straight to the point. Work phones are only used for work. It’s a pretty simple concept, but for some reason, some people just don’t understand that. Ole Miss football is a big deal in Mississippi. The expectations of their football program, to be one of the top teams every year, is a big deal. There is a lot of pressure to stay on top, so much that sometimes they have to cheat to stay ahead. So the NCAA thought an investigation in rule violations was necessary. Ole Miss has had a bad history of misconduct in their football program. According to, Ole Miss has 21 alleged charges of academic, booster and recruiting misconduct. The NCAA was right to look into the Ole Miss football program.

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Hugh Freeze is the head football coach at Ole Miss. Well he was the head coach at Ole Miss. Houston Nutt was the coach before Hugh Freeze. (These are some crazy names!) Last week, when the NCAA decided to do the investigation on Ole Miss, both Hugh Freeze and Houston Nutt were looked at. Because Hugh Freeze is Ole Miss’s current coach, they wanted to turn the investigation in the direction of Houston Nutt. The NCAA decided to go through both coach’s phone records. Since both coaches are state employees, their phone records are made public for investigation. As they searched through all of their phone records, one particular number caught their attention. The 813 number that was attached to Hugh Freeze’s phone records, was the number to an escort service! Basically, Hugh Freeze was trying to get his freak on, on his work phone. Once they found that out, Ole Miss had to take action on the situation. So they did. The next day, Hugh Freeze “decided” it was best for him to resign from coaching Ole Miss. By resigning, he would have to forfeit the remaining 12 million that was left on his contract.

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The worst part of this story, Houston Nutt pointed out the number to the NCAA. He wanted it to be known that Hugh Freeze was the bad guy, and not him. The reason for Hugh Freeze using his work phone, was probably because he didn’t want his wife find out. It looks like he should have been more worried about Houston Nutt. There is a lot of back stabbing going on in Mississippi. Hugh Freeze, of course, tried his best to make it seemed like he dialed the wrong number, but nobody believed him. Hugh Freeze’s career as a college football coach is most likely over. No program will be comfortable hiring the guy that calls naughty hotlines in his spare time.

Words of wisdom for Hugh Freeze: Get a burner phone!

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