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The NFL, once again, has laid down the law. Friday morning, Cowboy’s star running back, Ezekiel Elliot, was suspended for the first 6 games of the upcoming 2017 NFL season. Last season, Elliott led the Cowboys, as a rookie, to a 13-3 regular season record. “Zeke” ran for 1631 yds. and 15 touchdowns. For people who owned him in Fantasy Football, he was a God. For people that played against him, he was a nightmare. The dude ran his ass off last year, and was rewarded on the NFL All-Rookie Team and selected to Pro Bowl. But even though he had an amazing rookie season, there was still a dark cloud hanging over his head.

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As great as Ezekiel has played on the field, he has been acting a lot worse off of it. There have been numerous incidents where he has been in the news for his dumb and aggressive behavior. On St. Patrick’s day, he was seen at a party, where he pulled down a woman’s shirt without her permission. About a month ago he got in an altercation at a local bar where he may, or may not have knocked a guy out. And finally, during last year’s season, he was spotted in Seattle, at a weed dispensary when he was supposed to be preparing for his game. As wild as Zeke has been this past year, the suspension that was just given to him today, was over a domestic violence charge that stems back from July 2016.

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Around the time of Ezekiel Elliot’s 21st birthday, his alleged girlfriend at the time, claimed that he abused her for 5 straight days! During that time, she posted pictures to instagram of the bruises she claimed were from Ezekiel beating her. As you can see in the picture below, she had injuries to her legs, arms hand and neck. It was even stated that she was attacked while driving the car they were in. Ezekiel told the Columbus police department that she suffered those bruises from a bar fight she was involved in, and not from him. The same woman reported in February, that he pushed her into a wall, but no charges were filed. The NFL decided to look further into the domestic violence case, and after a year of investigation, advisers found substantial evidence supporting the case that Ezekiel Elliott did cause physical harm to this woman.

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Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones was asked about the situation and he gave his opinion on what life is like for Elliott. “As you well know, because of his style and personality, it’s like a rock star wherever he goes in terms of attention” He continued by saying, “Anybody that’s experienced that knows that takes getting used to. You have to learn many aspects of that. Certainly Zeke is evolving and being subject to need to learn how to deal with the media and social media the way it is today.”

My personal opinion on the matter, is that Zeke has had everything handed to him in life. Star athlete that gets all the special treatment. Star running back for Ohio State, Star running back for the Dallas Cowboys. In Zeke’s head he is God, and no one can touch him. He feels that he is bigger than life and he doesn’t care about consequences. Ray Rice did the exact same thing by and they crucified him for hitting his wife. Ray Rice hasn’t been in the NFL in years. The NFL made it a point to use him as an example; that domestic violence would not be tolerated at all. In Ezekiel Elliot’s case, because he is one of the NFL’s star players, they only gave him a 6 game suspension because they need him back on the field to make them their money. Once again, special treatment for Zeke because his good. I guess we’re going to have to see if the NFL does more about this situation, because they shouldn’t tolerate anyone beating on a woman, no matter if he’s a star player or not. Especially if it’s on 5 different occasions!

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